I live for the wild. That is home to me. I love capturing the raw, untouched beauty of our world, and the people who walk madly in love in it. 

Elopements are just about you two. No one else.

No stressing over who you invited and who you could not. No little mini meltdowns over what colors to chose or what to serve for appetizers. All that noise is silenced.

It’s truly just about the two of you joining your love to one another in an intimate and relaxed way. Your way. 

I love capturing those magical moments, so couples can share their elopement with family and friends who didn’t attend. It’s really the best of both worlds; you get to experience a wild ceremony that’s just for you, and whoever you wish to celebrate with you can afterwards!

If you are planning an adventure elopement (not your casual courthouse kind of commitment), please contact me about your wishes for your big day and we’ll work together to create that magic you envision. xo

“You Keep Me Safe. I’ll Keep You Wild”