Kasba Media believes a true love story never ends.


Kasba Media is all about capturing those honest and genuine moments between lovers. No fake poses and awkward smiles. It’s about being real and wholehearted.

We want to create films and photographs that capture the magic of your love story. It’s the sounds, the setting, and those small, precious moments shared between loved ones, that inspire us to be creative.

Weddings are a celebration. It’s about connection. It’s about family. It’s  a beautiful promise. We believe these celebrations need to be captured. 

We pack the essentials so we don’t get in the way of what is important, rather be there in the moment with you.


“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”


Do you offer photography and videography?

Absolutely! Kasba Media offers both videography and photography services for wedding and elopements. All of our packages are tailored to your needs. Send us an email or call to ask for our pricing guide and we will walk you through exactly what we offer. Average investment is $1795.

Do you travel?

Travel is what keeps me creatively inspired! No matter where you want me to be I’ll make it there. All I require in addition is our travel and accommodation covered. Let’s chat and work out a plan!

How long does it take for the film to get finished?

Within 3 months you will be sitting on the couch watching your finished film, hopefully with happy tears in your eyes!

How do you deliver the final film?

We will send you a private link to your film which you can view online as well as post out two USB’s containing the finished film.


How about Forever?

“I.O.U” is Kasba Media’s signature keepsake videos for brides/grooms or new parents. An I.O.U. is a personalized message to your loved one to forever tell them how much they mean to you.

“I.O.U” for couples: A personalized message to your significant other on or before tying the knot. This video is to express your love in an everlasting way, and can be given to your loved one day of your wedding or included in the wedding video.

“I.O.U” given to your partner prior to or on your wedding day must be shoot at least a week before the event to ensure we have enough time to edit. These heartfelt messages are included as a bonus in most of the wedding video packages. 

“I.O.U” for parents: A heartfelt expression to tell your newborn all of your parental wisdom and love for them. This video is intended to be kept until your child is older (perhaps 16th birthday?).

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